Friday, January 28, 2011

Immigration Case Status

Clients are encouraged to check the status of their immigration petitions at The statuses of certain petitions, such as VAWA, U-visa, and I-751 waiver petitions, are not available online.

Clients in deportation/removal proceedings can check the status of proceedings (next hearing date; decision information; appeal information and deadlines) by calling 1-800-898-7180.

If you would like to discuss immigration matters, please contact attorneys Paul Glickman and Ellen Sullivan.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Successful for our Clients

Attorney Paul Glickman successfully obtained probation without incarceration in a multi-count federal immigration fraud case, heard in Boston today, January 20, 2011.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adoption and Immigration

If parents permanently relinquish parental rights in a child, the parents can never obtain immigration benefits through that child as the parents of an adult US citizen. Generally, adult US citizens can obtain family-based visas and green cards for their parents. However, if for example an aunt adopts her sister's son, the biological mother cannot later claim that she is the child's mother.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Nuestros abogados hablan español!

Nuestros abogados hablan español y portugués. Nos gusta trabajar con gente de todo el mundo.

Representamos a clientes en temas como inmigración, defensa criminal, litigación civil, bienes raíces, fideicomisos y herencias, los testamentos, las cuestiones de inventario, la ley de animales, temas de GBLT, adopciones por padres o madres del mismo sexo, la ley de organizaciones sin fines de lucro comercial y la ley de negocios.

En la ley de inmigración, representamos a clientes en visas de familia, visas de trabajo, tales como H1B y L, el ajuste de estatus (o "green cards"), permiso de trabajo, estado de protección temporal (TPS), la expulsión y la deportación, asilo, peticiones por VAWA, visas "U", ciudadanía y solicitudes de la FOIA.

Nossos advogados falam Português!

Nossos advogados falam Espanhol e Português. Nós gostamos de trabalhar com pessoas de todo o mundo.

Representamos clientes em vários assuntos, incluindo a imigração, a defesa criminal, contencioso cível, imobiliário, heranças e propriedades, testamentos, questões de inventário, a lei sem fins lucrativos e de direito comercial e empresarial.

Na lei de imigração, nos representamos clientes em matéria de vistos família, vistos de emprego / trabalho, tais como vistos H1B e L, ajuste de status (ou "green cards"), documentos de autorização de trabalho, estatuto de protecção temporária, expulsão e remoção, o asilo, VAWA auto-petições, U-vistos, os pedidos FOIA e cidadania.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

01/22/2011 Deadline for Haiti TPS Registration

January 22, 2011 is the last day to register for Temporary Protected Status for Haitians. The general requirements for TPS eligibility are 1) to be a Haitian, 2) who has resided in the U.S. since January 12, 2010, and 3) has been physically present in the U.S. since January 21, 2010. There are other eligibility issues, such as criminal convictions, that may make you ineligible for Haiti TPS even if you meet those general requirements.For more information about TPS, see Please contact our attorneys if you have additional questions about TPS.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Online Estate Planning Programs

Millions of Americans still die without a valid will, even though every single one knew that he or she would die at some point.
In an effort to avoid paying a lawyer for something that he could get free from the internet, a client recently showed me a will he had written with the help of an online program. I hate to look at these documents because once I review it, I assume the liability of having drafted it. But, in this instance I could not help but comment on his document. Despite a lot of the required bells and whistles, it was missing a signature line. How he got it witnessed and notarized is beyond me, but sadly, if presented to a Court, his missing signature would have invalidated the document in full.
If you let us help you craft an estate plan, it will include a valid will. Promise.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Governor Patrick Signs Pet Trust Law!

On Friday, January 8, 2011, Massachusetts became the 44th state to allow owners to provide support for their pets upon the owner's disability or death. This gives estate planners another tool in their toolboxes for helping people take care of those who are important to them. Glickman Turley was thrilled to be part of this important legislation.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Pet Trusts in Massachusetts

Attorney Donna Turley was quoted in yesterday's Boston Globe editorial regarding the establishment of Pet Trusts in Massachusetts.  Attorney Turley was involved in the drafting of the legislation now before Governor Deval Patrick.

Pet Trusts bill moving along in Massachusetts

On January 3, 2011, Attorney Donna Turley was quoted in the State House News Service article as the attorney responsible for drafting the MSPCA's bill regarding Pet Care Trust Funds.